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Welcome to Sissy School! American Sissy Mistresses








First Time Sissies

Are you new to being a sissy? Well don't worry! Our Mistresses will guide you through the process of becoming a full-fledged sissy. Whether you play only in our home, or venture outside to show off your looks to the world, we can help guide you in the right direction.

We aren't like other sissy phone sex lines. We don't just use you and dump you. Your relationship with your Mistress can be intense and full of emotion. We are there to care for you and guide you through this process. So check out the Femdom Mistresses, pick out one you like and start your sissy training today!

Want to learn a bit more about our Mistresses? Check out the Mistress Interviews for more details.

Sissy Chat

If you want to share your crossdressing fantasies, sissy experiences and more, check out the Sissy Forum. We offer up audio recordings, sissy stories, assignments and more each designed to make that sissy heart of yours beat a little faster.

Sissy Respect

Here at Sissy School we respect your need to feel feminine and beautiful. After all, it's fun to be a girl! Don't feel ashamed about your love of wearing pink lipstick; be empowered! You are a good sissy with a good heart like everyone else. And a naughty side of course!

Let that naughty side be explored at the Sissy School. Is crossdressing what really turns you on? Get makeup tips, clothing suggestions and more that will help you be the hottest sissy on your block.

Want to be a submissive sissy slut? Let your Mistress train you until you become the perfect sub for her to command.

And if you love coerced feminization, then you will just have to stand helplessly by as your Mistress dresses you up in those girly clothes and does what she likes with you!

Whatever kind of sissy you like to be, we can accommodate your needs and make you feel fantastic.

So join up to Sissy School and see if you can make the grade!

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