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From Sissy Slut To Coerced Bi Slut

If you haven't checked out the first two parts of this story, you might want to! Part one is Coed Mistress's First Experience With A Sissy Boy, and part two is My Boyfriend's Complete Feminization.

Okay, guys, I have to tell you a secret about me before I get started on finishing up my story about my coerced cocksucking sissy boy. I have always had this weird fascination with watching two men together. I've always had these secret fantasies of seducing my boyfriends into sucking dick, but I'd always figured that it would be a futile endeavour. So you can imagine the utter delight I felt when I walked in on my boyfriend dressed up in panties. I thought it might be the beginnings of having my fantasy fulfilled!

What I failed to mention in the previous parts of this story is that after I sat my boyfriend down at the makeup table, I slipped away for a minute to make a very important phone call. This phone call was, indeed, just the beginning of what would conclude one of my all-time fantasies.

I was a little nervous as I walked to the door with my completely feminized boyfriend close behind. I was hoping that everything would go just as smoothly as I had planned it all out in my head, but I wasn't sure. I told my boyfriend to kneel beside the door, and I checked myself in the mirror that hung on the wall beside it. I took a deep breath, glancing down at my sissy girl, and then slowly opened the door to greet our guest of the evening.

There he stood, all 6`5” of him. He was 195 lbs of pure muscle--clean shaven and dressed to kill. The light glinted off of his blue eyes as he smiled and hugged me tightly before ever bothering to glance down at the present I had for him in the floor. After our embrace ended, he closed the door behind him and looked down at the little sissy boy cowering at his feet.

My boyfriend was practically shuddering as he looked up at this towering statue of a man. He suddenly averted his eyes to me, looking at me pleadingly. Up until now, he'd had no clue what his feminization Mistress had in store for him.

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A Big Cock For A Little Sissy

"Please," he choked out before I stopped him with a glare and a light smack across his cheek.

"You will speak when you are told," I hissed before continuing on in a much softer tone. "We must treat our guest with respect and make sure that he has a delightful time."

Then, I took the hand of our mysterious guest and guided him over to the sofa. I sat next to him giggling as we chatted for a bit, all the while ignoring the sissy boy kneeling in the corner.

I won’t lie. I spent this whole time lightly teasing our guest, Jeremy. I could tell he was starting to get excited when he started shifting awkwardly about as I lightly ran my fingers up the inside of his jean-clad thigh.

Clearing his throat he said, "If you don’t stop, you are going to have to do something about this problem you are creating."

I just giggled and looked over for the first time at my pretty little sissy girl, motioning him over to us. He knowingly knelt in front of us, and I couldn’t help but to smile at his shy compliance.

I reached over and slowly unzipped Jeremy’s pants. He shiver a little against me as my fingers lightly grazed over his semi-hard cock. I never took my eyes off my sissy slut. My boyfriend’s mouth dropped open when I pulled out Jeremy’s cock and wrapped my fingers as far around it as I possibly could. I slowly pumped my hand up and down a few times and giggled as my boyfriend sat there gaping at what was happening before him.

Feminization Mistress's Fantasy Fulfilled

Suddenly, I slid onto the floor next to my boyfriend and whispered in his ear softly, "Don’t you want to touch it just a little?"

My boyfriend was silent as I took his hand, guiding it up to meet Jeremy’s cock and helped him wrap his fingers around the base. He slowly stroked the hard dick in his hand, and I encouraged him withhushed whispers. Jeremy leaned back, moaning at the attention my boyfriend was giving his cock.

Looking on intently, I noticed that Jeremy’s cock was completely hard and starting to twitch a little. I leaned in close to my boyfriend and whispered into his ear about how hot I would get if he would suck Jeremy’s dick. At first, my boyfriend was appeared to be very resistant to the idea sucking Jeremy’s dick, but I didn’t let this deter me. I was determined to fulfill the coerced bi fantasy that I'd had for so long.

I slowly ran my hand up my boyfriend's back until my hand rested on the back of his head. Then, I guided him down till his lips were inches from Jeremy’s massive cock. I couldn’t hold back a smile when his lips parted, and he took that hard cock into his mouth! Without any further instruction, he started sucking on Jeremy’s cock hungrily. I put my hand on the back of his head again and pushed him down farther and farther, giggling as I watched his rouge-painted lips stretch around that hard, throbbing cock!

You know, I bet when my boyfriend was getting things ready for our anniversary (before he was distracted by dressing up in my lingerie) that he had absolutely no clue that he would end up at the hands of a strict but sensual Mistress. I also wondered if he ever imagined that he could be a coerced cocksucking sissy slut?

I don't know the answer to either of those questions, but I'm sure glad that all this transpired. I got my fantasy fulfilled at last!


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