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Hello, little lady. You're so pretty! I love the nail polish you chose for your fingers and toes, and that barrette in your hair makes it glisten.

There are a few boyish parts, though, that need to be transformed. Like the stubble on your face, poking through your foundation. Let me show you how to cover it up with some nice pink blush. And your hands are a little bit hairy. I have an epilator that will smooth them perfectly.

I can teach you techniques to make yourself lovely and polished, like a refined little girl should be. Let's go shopping for the perfect skirts and blouses; they will look so sexy on your cute body. I'll show you my secret shoe store with all kinds of shiny pumps and sandal heels. Some curlers in your hair will help create the perfect poof, or we can straighten your locks with my flat iron so they cascade down your back.

Once you're all dressed up and smelling sweet, I'll drive you to your naughty destination ... I know what "ladies" like you do in the dark of night. I can even stay with you and direct your activities, show you how a real woman pleases her man. What's that? Don't worry, we remembered your black lace thong. You just can't feel it because it's been pushed aside by your boy's big dong ... mmmm, doesn't that feel good?! I've got you sweetie, stroking your hair, holding your shoulders. Just relax and let him have his way with you.

And when we get back home I'll run a perfumed bubble bath and tell you what a good little girl you were.


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