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Ms. Constance discusses what it means to be a sissy slut and the various ways to tell whether or not you are one in What is a Sissy Slut?

Would you like to have more feminine, girlie feet? Soft feet with a pretty manicure? Ms. Simone shows you how to do just that in her essay How to get soft, feminine feet.

It's a rare sissy boy indeed who has never at least thought about being fucked by a strap on before. It's a train of thought that makes a lot of sense, actually. If you're going to dress and, in some cases, act like a girl, why not try out being fucked like one? Read more about it in Tools for Strap-on Training.

It's extremely rare that a man just wakes up one morning and decides that he should start dressing and acting like a sissy. Actually, it's more than extremely rare. It just plain doesn't happen! There is always some precipitating factor, something (or several somethings) that sparks his interest and slowly snowballs into a full-blown sissy fetish. Read more about it in The Making of a Sissy.

Each and every sissy needs sissy school training. That is a fact and not something we are going to argue. Read all about Sissy School Training and Why you Need it.

Now that you have your tools for strap on training, it's time to put them to good use! Aren't you excited? Being fucked by a strap on is a very common fantasy for sissy girls so it would be quite unusual if you weren't really happy about beginning your strap on training. Read more about Sissy Anal Training.

I haven't always been a sissy. I once was a regular guy, just like you. But I'd had these fantasies, you know? Fantasies from way back. They haunted me and wouldn't leave me alone. I tried to ignore them and go on about my life, but the more I tried to conquer those urges, the more they controlled my thoughts. Then, one day, I found myself in the panty drawer of my girlfriend at the time. Read more about me in A Sissy's Story.

Breasts are rarely the first things that would-be sissies think about. And that's completely ok because there are far more "exciting" things to worry about: Things like clothes, makeup, accessories, playing with strap-on femdommes, and many others. But, eventually, if sissies decide to go further in their quest toward complete feminization, breasts do become a consideration. Biological women have breasts, so it stands to reason that sissies who want to look more like "real" women become interested in having breasts as well. Read more about Breasts for Crossdressing Sissies.

One of the most common mistakes that sissies make, be they experienced or inexperienced, is the selection of their clothing. Too many times, they try to wear what's trendy at the moment or whatever they think is "feminine" without regard to what looks good on them. If you're worried that you may be one of the many sissies who falls into that trap, don't despair. handy how-to essay will help you assess your body size and shape in order to insure that you pick the best clothing for you.

For some sissies, simply wearing panties or lingerie or even a full outfit of women's clothing is enough for them. They enjoy crossdressing as a fetish unto itself, and that's plenty for them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that preference. Many men never go any farther than wearing panties or other feminine articles of clothing. On the other hand, there are plenty of sissy boys out there who want to be turned into pretty little sissy girls! This Basic Makeup How-To Guide is for all of you.

If you have not read our basic makeup guide for sissies, we strongly suggest that you do so before reading this guide. This tutorial is meant for those sissies who are already comfortable with doing basic, everyday makeup. If you're not yet proficient in the basics, please learn those first. However, if you have read our basic guide and feel reasonably certain that you're ready to progress a little farther in your feminization, then this Advanced Makeup How-To Guide is for you.

Oh, panties. Every sissy longs for them and lusts after them. But there are so many kinds out there and so many choices as far as style, cut, fabric, and color that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially for a new sissy. But never fear! We've written this Sissy School Panty tutorial just for you.

We know you love to shop for clothes, but are you choosing the right ones to make you look your best? If you haven't already checked out Assessing Your Body Type, For Sissies, you'll definitely want to do that. Armed with that knowledge, you'll be ready to go Shopping for Sissy Clothes.

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There is a well dressed woman waiting on us at the door. She introduces herself and ushers us to a secluded corner. She smiles at me warmly and wishes me good luck on my night. What is going on? Again I look at my Mistress quizzically. She has a huge smile when she tells me that we are going to spend the night in the store and that I can try on anything in the place! Read more about sissy's night in a department store.

My very first experience with a sissy boy was my first semester in college. I had NO clue that sissies even existed until I walked right in on my first boyfriend in college and his dirty secret. Read more about it in Coed Mistress's First Experience with a Sissy Boy.

To be honest, I don’t even know how I ever let things spiral this far. It had all started rather innocently. I mean, aren’t all guys just a little curious about things as they get older? Read more about it in a Sissy Boy Speaks.

I am many things, not just a talented feminization Mistress. The same can be said for my lovely Femdom friends. I personally hold a degree in psychology, and many of my employees hold various degrees in behavioral training and psychoanalysis. Of course, we could have chosen many different career paths, but instead, we decided to pursue a dream that we all shared--a dream to open a sissy training school.

I bet that you have spent a long time now wondering and thinking about this topic--one of those topics that once upon a time seemed so very taboo. Now you have found that your mind returns more and more often to the idea of being used by a strict mistress. You crave to be used in a way that you have been privately prepping yourself for without ever knowing if you would ever really be ready for that glorious day...the day that you finally beg for your Mistress's hard strap on.

One does not simply become a sissy overnight, generally speaking. Becoming a sissy actually involves a number of stages. Read the Stages to Becoming a Sissy Boy.

One of my favorite pastimes as a feminization mistress is turning a man into a complete bimbo fuck slut. There is just something about seeing the breakdown and then the complete transformation. Bimbo training can be very intense, much more intense than regular sissy training, and can take quite some time. Read What is a Sissy Bimbo?

As a skilled feminization Mistress, I have learned the ways and techniques that are required for proper bimbo training. It is obvious that bimbos are not like any other kind of sissy slave or slut. They are unique diamonds who must be polished and tested time and time again. Read more about sissy bimbo training in From Normal to Sissy Bimbo part 1.

He really has no idea what is in store for him now. He never realized that his WILDEST fantasies could be a reality. He entered a bimbo training program with his own personal feminization mistress, and now he must undergo three more steps to complete his training. Read more From Normal to Sissy Bimbo part 2.

So when my last story ended, my boyfriend had just stood up in front of me, wearing nothing but a matching bra and panty set that he had found in my lingerie drawer. How sweet he looked in the pink and purple ensemble...but something was truly missing. As I sat there looking my boyfriend over, it came to me that perhaps I should give him a bit more of a makeover. Maybe I was cut out for this feminization Mistress bit after all! Read more about My Boyfriend's Complete Feminization.

I have always had this weird fascination with watching two men together. You can imagine the utter delight I felt when I walked in on my boyfriend dressed up in panties. I thought it might be the beginnings of having my fantasy fulfilled! Read more about it in From Sissy Slut to Coerced Bi Slut.

Next to panties, nylons are the next most common piece of women's clothing that sissies like to wear. That's why we've put together this Guide to Nylons for Sissies.

American Sissy School Mistresses Currently Available